The two pages shown below are not actual size and have been reduced by approximately 75% to show the entire area of how we have scanned the pages. Further on below there is a more detailed image showing selected areas blown up to actual size to more easily convey how the text resolves itself (artificially tinted here for graphical presentation purposes). If you choose to click to enlarge the pages below the full sized example PNG file (1755 X 1275 pixels) will take approximately 5 minutes to download to your computer via 56K modem. It includes an example of our interface as well.

Reduced by Approximately 75% Download Demo Enlargement (Patience... 2 meg file)

Reduced by Approximately 75% Download Demo Enlargement (Patience... 2 meg file)

As you can see the scans faithfully reproduce all the detail, even the various stains and hand-written notations that have often been entered by users over the centuries. This Bible was actually 'used' and it is fascinating to see this extra layer of human interaction still prevalent all these years later. Often within the annotations there are snippets of the original Hebrew transcriptions that were used in making the Latin translation, so that much of the reasoning and thoughts of the translators become quite evident.

Considering that this particular translation was referenced later in the 16th Century, in part, by the committee that eventually agreed on the content of the King James version it is all the more important to note how controversial passages were resolved. Here you can analyse the Latin for yourself and draw your own conclusions. (Image below is in JPG format - see Download for PNG example).

If you are interested in downloading the full screen example of this page (1755 X 1275 PNG format) which shows the interface and a high resolution image representing what is on the CDs then please Click Here to Download Sample Demo Page (Approx. 2 meg. download) to your computer

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