Welcome to the Latin Bible 1590: Genesis Online in Latin. With high speed Interent more accessible these days we have upgraded our website to include this preview Book of Genesis for all those interested in sampling The Latin Bible Project online.

Scholars and researchers interested in the entire Latin Bible can purchase it as a single DVD or as individual CD-ROMs in Parts, see our Home Page for Details

For now please enjoy this complimentary preview of this ancient text.

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    Updated January 2007

    System Requirements

    The Latin Bible: Circa 1590 DVD has been designed to run conveniently on most computer systems through the use of just about any version 5.0 Internet Explorer browser or Netscape 4.5 or newer. Although you can access the Bible directly from the DVD, we also provide an installation routine so that you can copy it to a large hardrive (approx. 2 Gig. needed for a full installation)

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